January 29, 2022

Just When You Thought, by Don in D.F.W.

Editor’s Introduction

The following brief guest article could be classified as a rant, albeit a fairly well-reasoned one. If you dislike rants, then just skip down to reading today’s columns.

Author’s Introduction

The following is is my assessment and I hope that I am wrong. Unfortunately, there are plenty of major criminal types to go around. I cannot forget the James Rhodes articles that I’ve read on the 200-year plan [of The Powers That Be]. Regardless, put four major criminal enterprises in a room and I can guarantee you get collusion. Such is the basis for my recent revelation. Heaven help us…

Okay, so we can all concede the economy will likely tank, Our President is under-medicated and the medical community–or at least Dr. Fauci–seems to want to hurt us… And at the very least, our Government has stereotyped a large portion of the population as domestic terrorists.

But wait, There’s more. Just when you thought…

Our military has for years been known to guard the poppy fields in Afghanistan. Now that the Taliban is in control I would expect that Agricultural industry to expand. Poppies have been a Taliban basic finance vehicle for decades, or longer.

Considering the levels of collusion necessary to pull off the current Global Rodeo…

[Frederick and Laura Perls] the originators of Gestalt Therapy might conceive the following:

Greed and a Gratuitous Lust for Power are most likely the primary motivators behind the current multi-prong assault on the Global Populations. That is, ruling out incipient terraforming aspirations. Additionally, what often happens when criminals are allowed to communicate…Collusion…

So, I’m expecting what we’re about to realize is: The “Global NARCO Federation of Cartels” (GNFC.) But the public name will more likely be something like the “Green Global Initiative for Social Governance.” Their specializations being the production and distribution of Fentanyl, the New Afghan Heroin, and vaccine antidotes.

But Wait: Some of the most productive Cartel operations are Human Trafficking, so expect enhancement in sales of living organ donors, Baby organs, and of course women and young children. While this view of Human Trafficking is admittedly extreme in perspective, I think it reasonable to say, unfortunately, it’s a possibility.

The concept also assumes that our government, in concert with other corrupt entities, chooses to foment a world domination plan. Put Biden, China, The Taliban, and Mexican Cartels in the same Zoom Room. Considering only a Constitutional Congress or States Secession will turn the tide of Corruption at the top. The outlook can only get worse as the corruption festers and grows. There will be three more years of the current presidential administration.

Consider the global nature of the pandemic and the associated economic results. The obvious global compromise of key personnel in all hospitals and government, judges, State District Attorneys, and so forth.

Then consider the obvious extended control of media by governments, in a covert and malicious manner. Or the obvious Bravo Sierra shut-downs of shipping ports. If just one longshoreman tests positive, they shut down the port.

How about the repetitive lock-downs of Australia and New Zealand, where there is no shortage of sunshine and hence Vitamin D? [JWR Adds: It is ironic that in Australia and New Zealand, with some of the lowest infection rates in the world, they’ve instituted some of the most draconian controls on their citizenries. For example: They recently instituted a lockdown because of just one COVID-19 case.]

As of this writing, New Zealand had just called a ”Level 4 Lock Down”. Only “essential workers” are allowed to move about. (That was as of 27 August, 2021.)

How about the very nature of the situation in Afghanistan combined with the consistent nature of our adversaries to have no empathy for humanity — supported by greed, and heroin sales.

Then consider the Massive Bonus of military hardware to the Taliban in the Afghan takeover. Really too much to be a coincidence…

Disdane for Humanity, Greed, and Lust for Power are the signature traits in the current equation, and, well, lying about everything. It does not seem mutually exclusive to either side…

And finally, let us not forget the mandatory nature of the vaccine program… Everyone must be vaccinated. As a “motivator”, at some point I feel no doubt it will become a more sinister part of an incentive program.

Either by its reaction to high energy 5G RF propagation or in time the Spike 2 protein will require repetitive boosters to keep you alive and able to function without drooling… That is, assuming you’re not a troublesome person.

So, how about a Food for Vaccine Antidote program — to qualify to receive the Booster shot? Just as in “Vaccine Antidotes for Guns”, or whatever.

Just the most Evil proposition you can think of. Or, snitch on a family member, get a Booster…

You’re not addicted per se. But the Spike 2 protein eats your brain without a repetitive “Booster”…

“Program Compliance” is assured. Especially in the military and Law Enforcement. With 100% vaccinations.

Jokingly:  Now I take a shot of Bourbon every time I hear the word Vaccine. That eases the overall pain a bit…

After this was written the Health Ranger had an article with a doctor from Pfizer who as much stated the Vaccines were to continue due to the proteins evolving. Which only supports an ongoing program of incentives.

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