February 25, 2021

The Fleecing of History – Part 4, by Lazer

(Continued from Part 3. This concludes the article.)

But What about Fascism?

Oh boy, could I fill the books out on this topic. However, I would like to focus more on the lead in to Nazi Germany than the results…because it re-enforces where my article will end.

Germany in the late 1920s through early 1930s was hit equally hard as America during the Great Depression and Dust Bowl. Even though the Nazi party had existed for quite some time, it did not see a popularity boost until a zealous young man gave it a face and a promise. The root problem they faced, was wartime reparations from WWI…it was strangling them financially from previous bad government and wartime action. The German people were desiring a way out, and were lulled into the promises of a mad-man.

The next learning is the frog in hot water analogy…a frog thrown into boiling water will jump out, but put into water that is slowly heated, the frog will cook without so much as a croak. This is the approach that the Nazis set up to seize power. Using communication as a weapon, and oh how they even put the commies to shame with how well they used the propaganda machine, Hitler swooned the country to recognize the Nazi party as a sincere and logical option to the ‘corruption’ and depression of the time.

In one final swoop, Hitler used the fear generated by the (supposed) communists setting the Reichstag fire of German parliament to legislate away every freedom that protects Western Civilization (Similar to our (un)Patriot Act). In one night, 4,000 people deemed a threat or conspirator were kidnapped, many never to be seen again. When you hand this kind of power to your government…it will eventually will be used against you – a hammer always yearns for a nail to hit.

Fascism is born in the same vein as communism, but focuses on strong national productive strength vs ‘everyone in the world should share’. Fascism recognizes what communism faltered with… private industry can make a great bed partner to the government. Make no mistake though, Hitler tried to encompass much of the world under his thumb regardless the difference. You should understand that Fascism, like Socialism and Communism, are illusions that feed off of your desire. They promise everything, but fail to deliver because they are not capable of creation of the thing they are proposing to share – only consumption of it. Though, in some cases, nationalism itself does produce well, it is usually not overly sustainable. Remember, once you start down the road of any of these paths, the longer you are on it, the harder it is to turn around.

What about today? Is there no hope?

I am happy to say to all of you still reading, that yes there is hope. Just like there was hope for the Jews that tomorrow someone would save them from the concentration camp, just like there was hope that the Berlin wall would not have someone shooting you for crossing it, just like there was hope that you could raise a family because you could finally have access to food. There is always hope, and there always will be…you just need to know evil’s playbook, acknowledge how it works and trust in Our Shepherd.

Today, we are in trialing times. Our leaders are acting like children, ignoring the basic needs of their people and focusing on their bread and circuses like social media, welfare services for all, free and open immigration, neglecting our forests and natural resources…which all lead to division. They call for the rich to “pay their share”, when it is the rich that typically pay the salaries of workers of companies that are productive in the private sector. “Govunism” (communism+socialism+facism) is hard at work in our backyard.

What is certainly clear, is that even the Roman Empire adopted Christianity in its last days, to ensure that it had “Progress” that would combine its power and influence and gather more into its bosom. The Roman Catholic Church combined paganism and Christianity…which I never realized how much until recently leaving that church…and focuses more on the action of crucifixion of Christ, rather than the resurrection. While Christs’ sacrifice and death for all humanity is a critical point, his resurrection from the dead is even more so, and has never otherwise occurred in all of time.

Do not let yourself be distracted by social media, the news, and your bickering family members who complain about certain politicians. The truth is that all of us are broken at our centers, we are all drawn to darkness naturally and without help, and we are only washed anew by Him who died for us and rose again. Our subjugators know this (and is why going to church has been a dirty event during this great scamdemic), and by now they know exactly how to trick us into our own enslavement…fear.

I will tell you that the greatest target for the govunists has always been America. The richest, free, and most beautiful land across the globe…and now they have given it syphilis. The United Nations is the greatest threat on the planet in my (and many others) opinion. It is the most ultimate, un-regulated version of govunism that can be created – but on a global scale (dare I say biblical scale?). What if the Roman Empire formulated its contingency plan for survival by establishing the remnants of itself in a religion, which was funded by the sheep they intended to enslave? The very same logic that ran through the the Empire feels more and more today like what history portrays during their rule 2000 years ago – they just have new enslavement tools that are 1000% more effective.

I have read UN Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030, I encourage you to do so, too. I can promise you that there is nothing in your best interest inside them. They seek to eliminate your life, because the masses have become too many to be manageable…but this is “good for the planet” of course. This is why they hate President Trump so much, he is refusing bribes, bucking the UN conquest of America, and exposing their govunist plans with some of their own data. All one needs to look at is Canada, England, and Australia for clues as to their style of “integration” and “obedience” tactics during Covid.

We face an uphill battle, as our world is now connected by a trillion threads. Electricity has connected each and every human on this planet, and every keystroke to every background noise is recorded to recall. With current events re-enforcing the above statements, even the most un-aware of us are waking up to the possibility of 2021 surpassing Orwell’s 1984. Big Tech has now silenced a sitting US president with no official repercussions, and they are spreading their silencing to many of the conservative alternate media outlets as well. Congressmen/women, Senators and Judicial “leaders”…they are certainly leading us…right into an authoritarian state. They are waiting with baited breath to enact the Patriot Act 2.0 under the guise of “Domestic Terrorism”, or those that disagree with them.

When feelings matter more than truth, and aggressive minority groups are pedestaled over a well-behaved majority, the sneak attacks of the communist methodology have already been unleashed. These people have already played their first hands, and the coming restriction (particularly related to “hate speech”) will certainly be in their best interest. Big Tech wants to replace big banks for a cut of each transaction.

The Attacks Will Continue

I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but these attacks on our way of life will continue…but you and I can have hope in our knowledge that this playbook of theirs is slowly becoming known. We are waking up from our complacency coma, and are beginning to get vocal about their misdeeds. I for one have not had a Twitter or Fakebook account for 7+ years, and I loved gaining so many hours a week back of my life. Show your protest to these tyrants by boycotting their products and services. They do not have your best interest in mind, and anything you have said or posted will be used against you at a future date. You matter, Twitter and fakebook lost billions when they censored President Trump, and millions of people left.

Remember this: FREEDOM IS WORTH THE SUFFERING. Why do you think our countrymen died to create this nation? Please also remember that Freedom is not comfortable for everyone. Freedom will allow poor, rich, and even sometimes actions & speech that seem like oppression…but it also rights these in time. The right of a neighbor to shoot their weapon on their own property can be noisy and sometimes annoying. But when that neighbor is 15 seconds away when a home invasion happens at your home and they help you…wasn’t your life worth the “discomfort”? We are strongest together.

When posting truth on social media (if you have to stay on), ask a question instead of citing something as a fact…poke the curiosity button of others while avoiding outright deletion. If everyone is asking the same question and getting no answer…eventually they get wise to the ruse, all without actually being the one that claimed the information. Abide by the 10 great laws and we will get through, maybe even wake our country up in time…I know people in countries like Germany are close to reaching their “had-enough” point.

Even if this country/world burns as a result of the sly hand that has been squeezing it, I know that all my fellow patriots who follow the calling of our Shepherd will stand up for what is right, and be rewarded far greater than any riches on earth. Get mad, get loud, get vocal…but do not stoop to the level of these govunist revolutionaries with preliminary violence. Even if our voice is all they hear, if righteous – it will echo in their ears as they burn in the fire. It takes enough of us, just don’t let only your keyboard do the work (unless your keyboard efficiency is great). Maybe a Mimi Bobeck-style rendition of playing repetitiously at full volume for them to hear our voice. Hang that poster that says “Cuomo killed my Grandma” if it’s true (I am in New York and it is true). Boycott their products and hit them where it hurts – their bottom line.

Stay strong, stay vigilant, stay prepared, stay peaceful, stay faithful to your family and your Creator and Savior, and for Pete’s sake….stay together! Share this knowledge of the way that evil works, so that we can shine some light on it. Use your inherent desires to drive accountability, for ‘just’ laws, for honesty…then you will see just how the rest of the natural desires lead to greed and more Govunism. You will finally recognize when a wolf is calling itself a sheep, and be wise against it and call it out. If this truly is the beginning of the end, then we surely gave us and our children the best chance at recognizing and rejecting evil’s game plan. After all – you cannot make sweaters without finally shearing the sheep. I hope that the sweater made from me (yours too!) is pure like snow, and I look forward to seeing you all on the other side of the gate.

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