Lockdown Lucidity: A Prepper Perspective

As this pandemic stretches to an unforeseeable conclusion, this felt like a good time to drop back in and give you lot an update on my own perspective as a jaded prepper.

The current situation here in Portugal is, to put it bluntly, dire. We have skyrocketing infection rates rivalling the UK, a health care system on the brink of collapse and as you would expect a government who is reacting to economic Armageddon as opposed to planning for it.

The current lockdown rules preclude any schools from opening, stores from delivering non-food items and movement hours being locked down to the point of economic destruction. I don’t disagree with the decisions because at this stage our infrastructure can’t cope, but this doesn’t mean I can’t see the devastation this is inflicting on the economic landscape.

Assuming complete vaccination (good luck with that), the issues still won’t be laid to rest. Our economic sector is surviving on economic wishful thinking. Our governments (worldwide) are issuing debt at unheard of rates and as the situation shows no signs of subsiding, it’s clear that the fault lines in our corresponding economies will eventually trip, fall and break.

It’s a difficult situation to be in. As it stands the girl and I have always been on lockdown in one way or another, thus this lifestyle change has been relatively easy for us. Our funds are just about ok, our preps are bloody fantastic to the extent that further restrictions merely illicit a shrug from us and our morale is pretty high all things considering.


I wanted to broach two topics, two threats and my basic thoughts on them.

The Virus

Covid-19 has mutated and is likely to keep mutating, death tolls are climbing and people who keep comparing this to the common flu need to sip a cup of STFU. The very idea that people deny this reality is fucking unreal. This has nothing to do with politics folks, because the crazies exist on both sides of the aisle. I get emails from orange man supporters as well as nature holistic liberals decrying the virus and its consequences. No need to make it political when so many morons exist.

If I get another email telling me to write about how big pharma created this and that I have a “duty” to write about zinc I swear I will lose my shit.

As for practical advice: get vaccinated if you can, maintain proper hygiene standards and hone that well developed paranoia.

Nothing else to add but that, I know lots of the survival blogs are spewing recommendations on ebooks, survival kits etc., but folks- these people are commercial bloggers. They depend on affiliate commissions to make an income, and whilst I have no issues with that in itself, promoting spending money on junk in these dire times is truly the peak of predatory behaviour.

Do. Not. Spend. Your. Money.

I know that MTJS being a gear blog (historically anyway) benefits from people buying products after following my links, but I cannot in good conscience advocate this kind of behaviour. Hoard your funds, expect the worse and insofar as stockpiling goes, buy what you need, not what you want.

In prepping terms- food and a healthy financial reserve. That’s my advice.

As For Me

Being a prepper implies being prepared- ergo I was prepared. I merely top up my food supply as needed, but I have spent time (and money that I could justify) doing some updates that I planned on doing anyway. Namely solar panels.

My home now has solar panels on the roof and whilst I am not fully off-grid, I am relatively resilient. Beyond that I stay busy, work when possible and try to keep my mental health on the positive side. Everyone is buying pulse oximeters which frankly is a good thing, but ultimately for me- it’s something I always had and I expect the majority of my readers have one already. One thing that is interesting is that the British health service is now giving an oximeter to people when they are released after testing positive for Covid-19.

Doesn’t really need to be said but if your oxygen level drops below 92 and you tested for COVID- call your local health provider/or whoever deals with this in your neck of the woods.

We have received so many new comments (which I will get to today- I promise) as well as e-mails full of scared individuals who want advice and shitty companies who want me to flog some garbage “prepper in a box” type of trash.

Abhorrent behaviour and I shan’t partake in this.

As usual, my sincere apologies for the long absence- MTJS has always been more gear focused than most other blogs and in this climate writing about this stuff feels tone death which leaves my past few posts being conversational in nature.

I suspect the economic rifts from Covid-19 will continue long into the future and as a consequence my little corner of the internet will either adapt and change or fade into obscurity.

Stay safe everyone.

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