September 28, 2021

Democrats & Republicans Still Agree On One Thing… The Money Spigot

“There will be exuberant expectations of stimulus until kingdom come.”

“Even at full-tilt war, Democrats and Republicans still agree on one thing — i.e., that the money spigot must remain open no matter what. They differ only as to a timetable and how many trillions of dollars should be force-fed into the economy in the next round.”

~ Rick Ackerman

There is no doubt (at all). The money spigot will remain open. As they say, it’s always about the money.

The latest approved and signed spending bill. They threw us peons a bone. 600 bucks. That’s supposed to appease us (distract us) while they throw hundreds of millions and billions to other countries for all sorts of insane “programs”. “Foreign Aid”. All while our small and medium size businesses are being oppressed and crushed by the same tyrants and overlords.

Money greases the skids. Hundreds of billions scattered all over the place. A trillion. What’s the big deal, right? But you and I just need to shut up because we’re getting 600 bucks. There have been grumblings. So they may up our piece of the pie so that we really shut up. Some saying maybe 2 grand. Hey, why not send us each 100 grand? Whatev’s, right?

Hey, don’t forget — when too many people are “hungry”, they tend to create pesky little problems for our rulers and overlords. So I suspect that we will continue to see the money spigot turned on when needed.

Baby you aint seen nuttin yet. Just wait till China Joe starts mucking up the works…

Now the reason for my post.

How might this affect you and I on the street?


The cabal’s chosen president and puppet-masters have already made it clear that there will be major tax increases. In addition, they have promised that the tax breaks of recent years (which were mostly for the middle and lower classes) will be repealed. The tax burden for EVERYONE will likely go way up.

You should know this… When taxes are increased, the effects trickle / flow / cascade down. When the cost of products, goods, or services go up, those costs are always passed down to the consumer. That’s YOU.

Price inflation goes up when the value of currency goes down. The value of currency goes down when more money is “printed out of thin air” and debt is created (the simple explanation).

To make matters worse, if and when the cabal’s chosen president (China Joe) gets their meat hooks into “transforming America”, watch out below… They will destroy what’s left of this economy as they herald in their Utopian version of ‘Green’. That, coupled with endless lockdowns (they’ve made it clear), the economic picture for 2021 looks pretty grim to me…

Politicians Are Dumb

With that said, it really feels like we’re at the end of the economic rope. Apologies to the few who are not. But Politicians are dumb. Stupid. Rejects. But they are good at one thing – being a crook. Hands out – making deals for the highest bidder. Not only does their paycheck continue to roll in (because they work for the government), but they get filthy stinkin rich being their crooked selves.

They’re so dumb, that they have no concern for their egregious spending of our money. Or the consequences. Why? Because they believe it’s their money. They use it to dole out their favors, grease the wheels, all that stuff… all while skimming for themselves. They laugh in our faces as they suck us dry…

It’s too late to change it. It’s done. What is inevitable will be in our face soon.

There is going to be a LOT of people (there already are) hurled into lower effective income and even poverty. The government is going to desperately throw money at an increasing rate. But it’s not going to matter. How long is 600 bucks going to last anyone? Even 2 grand? We’ve already slid over the waterfall. Too late.

Standard of Living Paradigm Shift

The cabal fully intends to lower the standards here in the U.S. to be “more equal” with those of the third world. That’s one reason why they hated Trump so much. He’s “America First”. They certainly are not…

There will be a paradigm shift upon Western populations which will lose a much higher standard of living than the rest of the world’s populations.

Western countries have artificially supported a massive, unskilled, unemployed, and unproductive…parasitic…population, as they could afford to do so. These support mechanisms keeping the un-working population are predicted to fail, forcing this population to take effective action to sustain themselves…or, fail to sustain themselves.

The attrition of the population will continue until a new balance is achieved. As you may have guessed, none of this will be tidy and neat.

Imagine the impact on upper education. How many academic majors will simply become utterly meaningless? How many skill sets become suddenly worthless? Will they take barter for an education in Business Administration?

~ Ision

My suggestion?

  1. Take a look at your skill sets. Determine if those skills will help you or not during the rapidly approaching crush. If not, well you might think about that.
  2. Know this >> Prices will go up. Should you purchase now? Or wait until higher prices. (Don’t go in debt).
  3. Do not assume that this insane government spending can continue forever. Have you heard of the ‘Great Reset’? How’s that going to affect you?
  4. Be as self-reliant as you can. Rely on yourself and your abilities to the extent that you can. Learn more practical skills.
  5. Be more self-sufficient. It’s challenging. But do something. Anything…
  6. When we all slam into the bottom of that waterfall, no one is going to save you but yourself.

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