The Shock a Sudden Diet Change During a Disaster

The Shock a Sudden Diet Change During a Disaster

Most preppers expect that after a disaster, they can rapidly switch to a completely new diet with no impact. Unfortunately, this will not be the case. Join my newsletter by clicking here if you’d like to receive exclusive updates and content.

++ 37 Days of Peril – a great free read about surviving
++ Effects of protein on a diet:

It’s the Calories, Stupid: Weight Gain Depends on How Much — Not What — You Eat

++ Super-hydrating Electrolyte Formula:

Super-Hydrating Electrolyte Formula

++ Mind and brain in survival situations:
++ Dehydration and the body:,complete%20the%20task%20%5B1%5D
++ Phases of starvation:,obsessional%20thinking%20and%20reduced%20alertness
++ Carbohydrates and diet:
++ Nutrition and brain function:

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