November 28, 2021

A Worst Case Scenario Is Setting Up — A Contested Election

A very close race to 270. Regardless, this is going to be contested.

What a mess. Why don’t we know this morning? This is going to drag on.

At this moment, there are six battleground states which will decide the next president. Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, North Carolina, Nevada.

All six states are delayed in their reporting. Counting “mail-in” ballots. Though all states had “mail-in” ballots — which were somehow able to count them and report the numbers already…

Why So Long?

Something to think about:

About 11 million people voted in Florida. Their results were reported very quickly last night, relative to some other states. Within a number of hours the winner (Trump) was decided.

How is it that Pennsylvania will apparently not be decided until possibly Friday, or even next week (according to reports)? Stats at this moment indicate just 64% have been counted there (~ 5 million) with Trump ahead by ~ 10%). Why such a huge difference in the time it takes to count the votes, compared with say, Florida? And most other states?

Oh, it’s all the mail-in ballots. But wait, didn’t all the other states also have a ton of mail-in ballots? So again, why is it supposedly going to take a week to count them in PA? And the others listed above? Makes you wonder…

Target Rich Environment

What an opportunity for voter fraud, yes? Possibly… well, yes of course there’s an extent of likelihood . To what extent? I have no idea. It is a target rich environment for fraud.

This Will Be Decided In The Courts

Right now, there is no clear winner. Regardless of how this close race turns out, there will be lawsuits and this is going to court(s). Maybe the Supreme Court.

It is setting up to be what I predicted. There will be a “contested period”. A legal battle. This will NOT be good for America.

America Disintegrates

Today’s election is an us-versus-them choice unlike any other, for the issues in dispute are broader and deeper than ever before.

And those issues raise questions: No matter who wins, can this nation come together again? And if it cannot — a real possibility — what form will America take as it disintegrates?

Today, we are divided over ideology, morality, culture, race and history. We are divided over whether America is the great nation we were raised to revere and love or a nation born in great sins and crimes.

In tearing down the statues of explorers such as Christopher Columbus or the Founding Fathers and their successor presidents, from Andrew Jackson to Abraham Lincoln to Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, the contempt for the country these men helped to bring into being, and for what this country stands for today, is manifest.

A significant slice of America’s young believes that the nation to which they belong was detestable from its birth, and that the Western civilization from which it sprang is not worth saving.

~ Patrick J. Buchanan

This is going to be incredibly messy.

Whether Trump ultimately wins, or Biden. Each of them will be illegitimate in the eyes of most opposing voters.

Because this will be contested, the doubt cast into the minds of the electorate will be devastating towards any unity whatsoever. Not that there would have been any anyway…given our Great Divide.

How long will it take to get through the lawsuits and court decisions? I really don’t know.

First, the “count” must be completed. We already know that Pennsylvania is saying maybe Friday or even next week. So this will drag on this week.

Next, the litigation. I’m not a lawyer, and therefore have no idea how long this might take.

When The Verdict Is In…

The House of Representatives will remain Democrat. The Senate will remain Republican. That is a good thing for us. Why? Because little will get through beyond the House. Though one never knows…

A Trump win will result in a psychological meltdown of the left.

A Biden win will result in a wave of Executive Orders that will crush your liberties and freedoms to a much further extent than has already happened. Though a Republican Senate will in theory block a far-left House from passing far-left laws from reaching a Biden desk for signature — Biden has already promised what he (and Harris) will do to us via executive authority.

Well, here we go… What a mess…

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