October 21, 2021

TRUMP is CRUSHING Biden Rally Attendance & Excitement

Trump draws more crowd at rally than Biden

The differential is astounding. I mean, really incredible. The Enthusiasm and Rally Attendance for Trump is “off the charts”. Basement Biden can barely draw a crowd, let alone cheers…

So what does this mean? Well, clearly it indicates that Trump supporters are engaged, and come out in mass to show their support. They will likely show up in large numbers on election day – though many have already voted absentee (Covid, and all that…).

Here’s the thing… The mainstream (and I mean every branch of the mainstream propaganda wing) are in essence declaring / predicting a clear Biden victory. The implications are by a lot!

Their messaging (brainwashing) is such that Biden WILL win (and has in essence already won). Therefore, should Trump actually win, it will mean “cheating” – so he will need to be removed by any means. They’re obviously setting up a Contested Period which they presume will result in Trump’s removal and Biden’s inauguration. It’s already written in stone, so to speak. That’s how they want you to think.

Given the mainstream’s Loud Proclamations of a certain Biden victory, HOW DO THEY EXPLAIN TRUMP’S CRUSHING RALLY ATTENDANCE & EXCITEMENT?

Answer: They don’t. And they NEVER show it on TV. Ever.

The reality on the street is seemingly IMMENSELY DIFFERENT from the reality that mainstream is preaching.

The following are some statistics that will give you an idea of the differential. Even if these numbers are “off” to any extent — it is SO DIFFERENT that the margin of error wouldn’t ever matter:

Trump Rally Tally

These numbers are several weeks old, so Trump’s “Rally Tally” is WAY HIGHER than these – given thousands and tens of thousands at each of his events. And he’s had many Rallies these few weeks!

Since Labor Day President Trump has entertained nearly 360,000 supporters at his rallies and speeches.

During the same period Joe Biden has entertained around 637 supporters at his events.

~ Rally Tally @ GP

Today I thought I would show a few pictures of Trump rallies versus what I was able to find on Biden’s rally attendance visuals. You will NEVER see these in the mainstream.

Is it obvious which one’s are a Trump Rally versus Biden?

TRUMP Rally or Biden Rally

Can you tell the difference? Does it mean anything?








Biden Circles


Biden (more press than people?)


At this point, I really couldn’t find much of anything else for Biden “rally”, given that he’s mostly in hiding. So, here are a few more Trump Rally pictures…

I think there are a few Trump supporters out there…


This one’s awesome… TRUMP Flotilla

There have been countless Trump Caravans around the country of late too. Untold thousands and thousands of vehicles parading around America’s streets and highways…

The Most Important Election In History

Here we are. The day before this nations most important election in history.

Harris/Biden and their Chicomm & Globalist masters want to jerk us FAR left into a socialist / marxist utopia where we all must obey the state and their liberty-crushing dictates.

On the other hand, and completely opposite, there’s Trump. Passionate to maintain a sovereign nation — the USA — beholden to no one.

Attendance and Enthusiasm is Massive at Trump Rallies. It is nearly non-existent with Biden. Something is WAY out of whack here.

We are being told that Biden will clearly win. He’s “ahead” in every poll. The mainstream is already presuming an easy Biden victory. And therefore “if” Biden just so happens NOT to win the electoral college, then there must be cheating. That’s what they’re planting in your brains. That’s why they do not EVER show you pictures indicating the massive crowds wherever Trump shows up.

Something’s out of whack between the real street and what you’re being told.

Buckle up… Here we go…

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