February 27, 2021

JWR’s 20 “S” Strategy for Tangible Investments

I was recently asked to reiterate my philosophy on parlaying wealth into tangibles.  I emphasize tangibles in many of my writings because we need to be ready for times of inflation. Yes, inflation is coming.  With multi-trillion dollar bailouts, monetization of the national debt, and chronic Federal over-spending, mass inflation is inevitable.

I must also state that I do not believe in heavily investing or any long-term investment in any “asset” that is just a piece of paper, a string of digits on a hard drive, or other abstractions that are mere promises. Promises and kind words don’t shelter and feed your family.

Our only genuine safety is putting the majority of our wealth in the form of practical tangibles. You may ask: Which tangibles? That can be pithily encapsulated in what I’ve just dubbed The Twenty “S” Investments Strategy:

  1. Safe to drink water, from a year-round source,
  2. Storage Food — several years for your family,
  3. Shelter (a defendable house, preferably with a bunker/vault),
  4. Soil (preferably 5+ acres of rich soil, in the hinterlands),
  5. Semi-Auto battle rifles,
  6. Shotshells and cartridges–in quantity,
  7. Semi-auto pistols in common calibers,
  8. Shotguns in 12 gauge, 20 gauge, and .410,
  9. Scoped bolt-action rifles in common calibers,
  10. Standard capacity magazines for your guns,
  11. Serviceable Pre-1899 guns,
  12. Scopes and night vision optics,
  13. Silver coins,
  14. Snap-On and other brands of high quality, precise, and durable tools,
  15. Slabbed numismatic coins (AU50 to MS60 grades),
  16. Sheep and other livestock,
  17. Seeds (preferably non-hybrid),
  18. Standing timber,
  19. Swiss watches, and
  20. Sixties classic cars and trucks.

That list is organized roughly in order of importance. But the single largest “S” investment for most of us will be soil–namely the real estate of our primary residences.  Choose where you buy your land wisely.  Personally, soil represents more than 75% of my net worth. I placed a priority on owning my ranch debt-free. It took a few years, but I now own the Rawles Ranch free and clear. I sleep well at night, knowing that.

You’ve surely noticed that I’ve waxed into alliteration, so the preceding list may sound a bit trite. But this 20 “S” strategy has some ground truth for you — at least as I see it.

You will also note that eight of these 20 “S” tangibles are firearms-related. That was no accident. Your guns are the insurance policy on your other tangible preparations and investments. This is analogous to how the Second Amendment is the insurance policy for the rest of the Bill of Rights.

I hope that you find this list useful.  I look forward to your comments. – JWR

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