Preparedness Notes for Monday — September 28, 2020

Flash Traffic: Azerbaijan announces military mobilization, declares state of war.  Not to make light of this grave situation, but when I was attending the Military Intelligence school (MIOBC) at Fort Huachuca, we used to make jokes about Armenia and its army.  One of our favorites:  “What is the Armenian national anthem?”  Cher sings it. (And then we’d all sing the chorus.) Here is some news footage.

Here is a new listing over  SurvivalRealty: Off-Grid Country Home Bordering State Land in Northern Arizona.

We have resumed taking orders for Elk Creek Company. My #1 Daughter is already busy padding and packing orders, as they come in. But be advised that we won’t begin shipping out most of the orders until Monday, October 5th. (We live at a remote ranch, and don’t get into town often.)

Today, another product review from our tireless Field Gear Editor, Pat Cascio. (Pictured.) He lives in southwestern Oregon.

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