October 21, 2021

List Of Favorite Reference Books For Preparedness & Homesteading

list of reference books for preparedness and homesteading

Survival, Preparedness, Homesteading skills. There are MANY potential topics therein! The question is, “What are your recommendations for reference books in this regard?”

I have purchased a number of survival / homesteading / preparedness-related reference books over the years. I’m not talking about novels (which I also have my fair share). Rather, books for referencing “how-to”, etc..

Here’s one of the first books I purchased many years ago. It remains quite popular today. Here’s the latest edition:

The Encyclopedia Of Country Living
(view on amzn)

Another popular reference book for (medical) preparedness is the classic by Joseph and Amy Alton:

The Survival Medicine Handbook: A Guide For When Help Is Not On The Way
(view on amzn)

Or what about this one which we purchased a number of years ago (one of our home canning reference books). Here’s the latest edition:

Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving
(view on amzn)

There are LOTS of books for preparedness & homesteading reference. And lots of areas of interest.

I am interested to gather your recommendations. That will enable me to update this post with a preferred list based on your input (not just my own).

It will help those who who happen upon this post at a later time through a web search or just searching this site…

>> It will be easier to capture your recommendations if you list each title on a separate line.

Okay, ready, set, go!

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