November 28, 2021

9/11 Changed Everything – Now We’re Under Attack From Within

Today is the anniversary. September 11, 2001. The day that changed everything.

I remember it as though yesterday. The images burned into my memory. The realization of our vulnerability as a (mostly) free nation.

Conspiracy theories aside, “terrorists” destroyed the iconic towers as they suicided two jets filled with fuel and people into the Twin Towers, New York City.

The event ushered in a new era. A MAJOR chunk of our privacy removed – probably forever. While back then one might have agreed with and accepted many of the initial processes put in place to “find” terrorists, the abuses have since changed our world.

The NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) is one example — and has been renewed ever since its origin during 2012.

The “War on Terror” another. Fear was widely used to scare us all. It wields great POWER over the people. As a result Americans gave up a lot of their privacy for a “feeling” of security. We’ll never get it back – without a fight.

It enabled a monstrous technical behemoth named the NSA (National Security Agency). The agency no doubt has nearly every electronic communication (among a zillion other things) about YOU on record. Though Edward Snowden “ratted” the spy agency out, it didn’t stop anything. It is a gigantic “vacuum cleaner” of your life. Whosoever pulls the strings of the NSA has immense power at their fingertips.

But I digress…

Under Attack From Within

Today’s 9/11 anniversary made me think of how we are under attack, TODAY, by well funded and organized terrorist organizations. Despite all of the powers within the NDAA, the NSA, etc., NO ONE is stopping these terrorists to the extent necessary. Antifa. BLM. They themselves are fascist terrorists in my view.

Increasingly bold in their riots, tactics, murder, mayhem, disruption, terrorism, and now arson (apparently some or many of the fires in the West and NW right now) — they are terrorists. Like 9/11, we are being attacked. Except this time from within.

Why have we spent billions / trillions on all this? The anti-terror spy agencies and equipment — but yet we can’t seem to find or stop the funding and heads of these terrorist organizations?

Answer: Because the rabbit hole is deep. They know all this. Though the heads of the hydra are not lopped off… What does that tell you…

It tells me we’re in deep doo-doo. Enemies within.

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