The Next Two Years, by A.E.

The following is my conjecture about the turmoil ahead in the next two years.

I have this waking nightmare that we are living on a knifes edge and the next two to five years may be the time we slip on that edge.  I started writing this to try and get my head around where we are and where we’re going. It spiraled out from there. I have tried to rewrite it so it isn’t so negative, but that hasn’t worked, it keeps veering in the following direction.

China had the Cultural Revolution and the Red guards; we have the Cancel culture movement and BLM-Antifa. They want to destroy our history, the lessons both good and bad that it taught, and rewrite what our country is. They draw the line at nothing and the rioting and destruction will continue. Defund the police, and they have free rain for all the burning, looting and murder they want. This is true democracy in action, otherwise known as rule by the thug and the mob. This is what the Europeans at the beginning of our country expected of the US of A.

From the very beginning of this run-up to the election, our two major political groups have both made every effort to see that the probable presidential candidates are lame ducks: Biden is mentally wobbly(easily manipulated) and Trump is a reviled outsider(he stole the election). I think this is on purpose, each group hoping the other ‘wins’ and can therefore be held responsible for the upcoming financial and social disaster.

Turmoil Ahead

Regardless of which is elected, there will be lots of turmoil.  In turmoil, there is an opportunity for the politicians to drive their political agendas forward. They will bemoan the damage, but it won’t stop them from gleefully profiting by it. They will probably steal a page from Hitler’s book and blame somebody for all the ills of the country. Hitler used the Jews; currently the cops or Trump are the scapegoat du jour. When they run out of the current target, possibly it’ll be “the evil, greedy preppers” who are responsible for all the shortages and who don’t want to share. If not them, they’ll find someone. A liberal here, a conservative there. There is always someone to pick out and vilify. They are willing to eat their own.

With the economy in tatters and the future economy no better(the thousands of brick and mortar business are the economy and many are closing permanently), racial accusations being thrown about, Covid (whether you believe in it or not), supply system problems (empty grocery stores will be the least of it if the trucks don’t run) and political upsets, we will see a level of turmoil and national angst of incredible levels. Just think of all those people that are suddenly out of work, out of cash, out of hope and probably hungry. There is nothing more dangerous than people that are scared, angry, hungry and hopeless. If they can be motivated, say rather rabble roused, it will be mass riots with little or no holds barred.

The police are deliberately being hamstrung into uselessness by their own political masters. The ‘Defund the Police’ meme, while idiotic, serves the purposes of the so-called progressives, not to mention the out and out crooks. Seattle and Portland are the prototypes of what is to come, trial runs so to speak. The turmoil and troubles will give them the opportunity to mandate a national police force to bring order and control. To save the nation of course. It will be done with the best of intentions. The road to Hell is paved with what? Oh, yeah..good intentions. And can you say secret police without a sneer?

When agitators, riots, and rumor mills instigate further distrust and civil disorder, It is guaranteed that all those millions of guns and ammo in the hands of mostly untrained civilians will finally lead to gunfire. If the cops can’t protect you, Samuel Colt’s solution will be called on. This chaos will be a good excuse to declare martial law. You can say “ martial law is not constitutional,” you can say “the rank and file in the military would never…”, but the fact is, they would follow orders. Just like the police departments are doing right now. Unfortunately, politicians probably don’t really understand the difference between police and the army or maybe they just don’t care. After all, they both have guns and wear uniforms. It would be a traumatic experience for the country. More turmoil, more anger and probably a high body count. I’m sure that at a later date after the dust settles, the politician that emerges at the top of the heap will be very regretful about all the damage and death. By then, we’ll have a good idea of who the scapegoat is.

Add to the above concerns, there are the international problems: China is living up to its namesake the Dragon, ramping, snorting, throwing fumes and flame all about while trying to eat its neighbors. Then there is Russia, its neighbors, and NATO engaged in a shoving match and somebody will get hurt. Africa is a mess and will be a mess into the future as starvation, greed, corruption and rampant racism runs wild.  And let’s not forget the Arabian peninsula and their ability to create trouble across the globe. It will take just one flashpoint in the wrong place and time and the international situation can go up in flames and splash on the US. A flashpoint like the stock markets imploding, or some idiot setting off a bomb. Maybe another more deadly pandemic. Nothing like a good war for survival to stimulate the economy and focus attention away from the internal upsets.

In spite of our internal problems, many people in the world will still view the USA as a safe haven, a lifeboat if you will. They will come pushing, shoving, pleading and demanding to be taken in, overloading the social and economic systems. Many of them will be upset that the streets are not lined with gold, but they’ll take what they can get. It’s usually better than what they left behind. Many of these people are good, hard-working types. Many won’t change their lifestyle to fit in; they will bring the troubles that caused them to leave their country, with them.

I read tracts claiming all our problems are caused by the elitists or the Globalists who have delusions of being 007 villains. Truthfully, I don’t think they are smart enough to have a viable and far-reaching plan. Make no mistake, they are deadly dangerous, but I think it is more likely a case of people screwing up by the numbers. They are so arrogant and so engrossed in their own idea of reality, that they don’t realize that while they are unleashing the lightning, they can’t ride it without getting badly burned. Not much solace to those of us unlucky enough to get caught in the backblast. The world and specifically the US is at a tipping point. Hang on folks, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Then of course, there are the innocents, the people who’s mantra is “when things get back to normal,” never realizing that normal keeps changing, and sometimes for the worse. Right there with them, are the people that just hunch their shoulders and try muddle through. They don’t look left or right, they just want to be left alone to live their life. There are a lot of good and decent people like that and they will most likely be hurt. Picture if you will, a scarecrow in the middle of a flock crows and the farmer engrossed in shooting the crows. That scarecrow is going to get peppered with buckshot and probably crapped on by the birds.

Some Options

What can be done? First and foremost, choose who you vote for carefully.   You aren’t going to change what is coming. Maybe it can be slowed but I don’t offer much hope. Stay away from crowds, and prep to the best of your ability. Avoid sticking out like a sore thumb( if your house looks like a bunker, it’s a target; if it looks like a mansion, it’s a target; if you are a known prepper, you’re a target; if you’re too vocal, you’re a target; wrong place, wrong time, you’re a target )

A little paranoia is a good thing. Pick your fights carefully, not emotionally. Have a plan A, B or even C. Realize that if they come to your house, it’s time to make an orderly retreat with you and yours, preferably to a preplanned secondary location (he who runs away, lives to fight another day.) Make it painful for them.   Maybe caltrops or bear spray. An ornamental cactus bed, or pyracantha would be nice, but try starting some now if you haven’t already. A friend with night time sneak thief problems rolled out a roll of tar paper, liberally coated it with blue paint adulterated with used crankcase oil. Then he unrolled loops of nylon filament fish line to trip, tangle and drop them into the mess. Inventiveness can be quite messy, but fun. Just make sure your activity is somewhat deniable and anything left behind is useless to them. Police your brass if you have time.

Be Skeptical

Most of all, don’t believe all you hear or see without getting firm corroboration. A healthy level of skepticism is called for, keeping in mind that if you feel you are being played for a fool, you might be right. If it feels wrong, don’t be pressured into it. Do try to remember the ten Commandments. When you start to feel panicky, take a deep, slow breath or two and pray! Stay away from crowds. You don’t want to be in a group that is “Incited to riot” and then held up (posthumously) as an example of why the extra-judicial national police and the military are necessary.

I had a nightmare once: I was in a long hallway, something nasty was waiting at the end of the hall and I couldn’t go back. The doors to either side brought me right back into the hall. I feel like I’m in that hall, right now, and I can’t wake up. I hope it’s just a bad dream.

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