October 21, 2021

The Best Food To Keep In Your Chest Freezer For Preparedness Is…

Fill chest freezer with meat


I am a carnivore. In fact I have been on a zero carb diet for awhile. Keto is great too — which is 20 carbs or less a day. The best I’ve felt in many years! But I digress…

This post isn’t about the carnivore diet or Keto (just thought I’d mention it). Rather, it’s about practical sensible food that you should keep in your freezer for preparedness. Here’s my opinion…

That freezer space is valuable. You’re paying for energy to keep the temperature in there below zero degrees (-10 F is great for meat). So you want to make the best of it, right?

What’s the most expensive food out there? Basically, meats. I don’t want to get into an argument with the vegetarians out there. But meat, it’s fat and protein are essential for good health and strength.

Most of my freezer space is filled with meats. Beef. Chicken. Pork. Fish.

Most all of that meat has been purchased on sale. So I’ve paid well below “normal” meat prices — because I had the room in my chest freezers for it.

I currently have two chest freezers. One has a decent amount of veggies (lots of our garden product for example). Though most of the overall cubic footage between all my freezers have meat in them.

Most so called “survival food” is loaded with (or mostly) carbohydrates. That’s okay. It’s cheap. Rice. Wheat. Etc… It stores well. No energy required. Most “professional” packaged “survival foods” also have lots of carbs. It’ll keep you alive. I have lots of that too.

However when talking about food for a freezer or chest freezer, I believe your best value is to fill it with meat.

Yes, I know that if the power goes out for long, you’re going to be in trouble… A generator will keep it cold if you run it for an hour – several times a day. Long term SHTF power outage — yes you’re going to lose whatever you can’t consume or preserve another way (e.g. emergency canning project). But other than that, freezer storage is one of many good ways to keep food for the long term.

How do I package my meats?

Everything is put in vacuum seal bags and sealed with a vacuum sealer. It makes a HUGE difference in longevity of freezer storage, prevention of ice crystals, and it just tastes better afterwards!

Anyway, I thought I’d mention it (meat for your chest freezers) because I just bought some more quantity of meat on sale yesterday. We vacuum sealed it and added to our meat freezer. Tenderloin on sale! Yum.

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