February 27, 2021

Note From JWR: We Took a Day Off

In August we will be celebrating our 15th blogiversary.  In all of those 15 years, I’ve only missed a couple of days of posting. (That lull was just after my first wife passed away.) But generally, I have always posted seven days a week with one feature article per day, along with my regular columns, and quotes.

Once in a long while, Lily and I need to take a full day off. Tuesday was such a day. We traveled from 5 AM to 11 PM (with several stops), to pick up a large set of shelves. We also have an enjoyable afternoon picnic with some old friends. We’ve just returned to the ranch. Sorry that we didn’t have a chance to moderate comments for more than 12 hours.

Since we typically do our editing a day in advance, all that I’ll be posting today (July 15, 2020) is this note and a Quote of the Day. Sorry to disappoint you. Thanks for your patience and understanding. – JWR

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