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I have run Modern Survival Blog since January 2010.

Thousands of hours have been spent combing the comment section as I’m always on the lookout for what I consider bad behavior. Early on I decided to differentiate my blog from others by having a very good comment section. I don’t like it when going to a site and reading the comments which rapidly descend into flame-wars, vulgarity, and all sorts of trash talk which reflects on the site itself. So I’ve been committed to the comment section. And it has cost me dearly over the years (time).

During most of the past decade I have not required an email address or registration to comment here. This has made it quite easy to put up a comment. Unfortunately it also makes it easy for people to disrupt a comment thread (or the whole site!) by intentionally lighting fires. They’re called Trolls.

While Trolls exist, there are also non-Trolls who latch on and disrupt in other ways.

Some of these people are smart enough to play “cat and mouse” while using VPN’s / switching IP addresses, changing their alias name – while trying to circumvent my filters. They just love to disrupt. It consumes my time, and it is obviously aggravating (which they enjoy knowing).

The problem is, I don’t get paid much for my time here. But I do want to continue blogging because I know there are a lot of people who land on the site every day / week / month. Most people don’t comment on websites. But a number of you do.

As an aside, some of you donate/contribute $ to me through my donate button. I greatly appreciate it. You know who you are 😉

I am considering closing down the comments to “anyone” being able to comment. This means I would switch to a Registration system. It would work something like this:

You would have to fill out a online registration form with information which would at least include a valid email address, a user / alias name, and a password.

I would then manually approve new registrants as they come in.

From that point forward you would need to Log-on to the site before you could comment. The existing comments will be there for anyone to see and read. It’s just that you will need to log in to actually comment. Pretty simple actually.

If a Troll manages to get through the Registration process (which is quite possible since I don’t know who anyone really is), it will be very easy for me to shut them down without playing their games. I simply delete their registration. Poof. Gone.

There’s lots I could do with a Registration system. I could have “levels”, each of which have their own benefits. I could have unique Members-Only content visible only to those who have that access (for example). Unique areas where only members could see each others comments. Things like that. There’s even a sort of social-networking capability with some of this software, depending what I get. I’m still looking into all that…

So I’m putting out some POLL questions for all of you to answer. This will help me understand if any of this will be worth my time.

Feel free to add your further input or suggestions in the comments below.

Thanks for your time.

Don’t forget to click the VOTE button after you’ve made your selections:

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